Kaspar Tall

Drawing is the tool and nature is the inspiration. 

I mastered in Porduct Development to become mechanical engineer. The path has taken me from bartendering to stage designing, civil engineering to IT-development.  
This path has become more rational and defined over the years, so I feel the need to balance this with drawing. 

As a child I found myself walking alone miles in the forests of Saaremaa. It felt like home whether it was the mist rising from the swamps on a warm summer night as the sun laid its last warm rais over the horizon ... or the sounds in the windy winter night while trees clashing to eachother in the dry air. As a child I staying quietly in the forest as I could listened the sound of rain through the trees coming closer- it is only little different as the sound of wind breeze touching the leaves.

Compassion is the key for listening to nature. My ideas come from artistick background since my parents are art teachers I was always surraounded with ideas and new ways of looking at things. I feel forever thankful for them. 

A number of these drawings presented in this site have been sold for charity for homless cat shelter.